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A game by Dane blacklock and pat naoum

We're Coming Up', released March 4 2023, is the third single taken from the upcoming album 'The Tawny Devil of Damascus'. To celebrate its release, Dane Blacklock and Pat Naoum have developed an interactive game that takes place in the Garden of Earthly Delights. Premiered through Kill Your Stereo.

The game has you begin as Lucifer, flapping your way through Hellscapes and dodging fireballs until you reach the gates of Hell, where you then ascend through the souls of demons, angels and mankind. Navigating aggressive cherubs and as you fly upwards to the garden of Eden, you must deliver the apple from the tree of knowledge to Eve, parrying attacks from arch angels and God himself, armed with lighting bolts.

Pat Naoum is a game developer who has just finished his own game, ‘The Master's Pupil’, a handpainted 2d puzzle game set inside Claude Monet's eyeball, available to add to wish list on Steam through the link below.

'The Master's Pupil' on STEAM



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